Dawn of Sahūr

Drawn by the anxiety to take part in the eagerly awaited gathering, with a smirk on my face I might add, I made my way into a ballroom brimming with well dressed guests. The fact that it was well after midnight partly sums up the concept of Sahūr. In layman’s terms, Sahūr is an Islamic … More Dawn of Sahūr

Blessings To Savour

A breathtaking skyline ever dominated by towering skyscrapers & iconic structures such as the Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands, The Burj Khalifa and the Taipei 101, to mention but a few, leaves one having to conquer their own credulity and accept the realisation of a dream rising out of the vast desert sand. Before I … More Blessings To Savour

The Last Ifthar 

Overwhelmed by the aroma & a vast selection of dishes and flavors, I walked around the room in awe of what lay before my very own eyes. As I made way talking to myself & filled with much curiosity towards the proceedings, I made sure no moment went uncaptured. “All that food!” I thought to … More The Last Ifthar 

A melody unsung 

In as much as binoculars & a camera are essential for birdwatching, patience too is a good virtue if you intend on observing fascinating behavioral traits coming to the fore! The rainy season in the Zambezi Valley is a great time of year for bird-watching, and around Victoria Falls is no exception. Known as the … More A melody unsung