Asian Escape!

I couldn’t believe that a month had passed in a flash and, it was already time to bid Ramadan farewell and venture into the EID weekend. What came to my mind? You guessed right, travel! Unlike many travellers, I’m generally not the kind of person who plans trips in time. I tend to enjoy the … More Asian Escape!

Dawn of Sahūr

Drawn by the anxiety to take part in the eagerly awaited gathering, with a smirk on my face I might add, I made my way into a ballroom brimming with well dressed guests. The fact that it was well after midnight partly sums up the concept of Sahūr. In layman’s terms, Sahūr is an Islamic … More Dawn of Sahūr

Blessings To Savour

A breathtaking skyline ever dominated by towering skyscrapers & iconic structures such as the Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands, The Burj Khalifa and the Taipei 101, to mention but a few, leaves one having to conquer their own credulity and accept the realisation of a dream rising out of the vast desert sand. Before I … More Blessings To Savour

The Last Ifthar 

Overwhelmed by the aroma & a vast selection of dishes and flavors, I walked around the room in awe of what lay before my very own eyes. As I made way talking to myself & filled with much curiosity towards the proceedings, I made sure no moment went uncaptured. “All that food!” I thought to … More The Last Ifthar